Have you thought about Place Training?

Place training can help tackle unwanted behaviours, anxiety, stress, separation anxiety. And so much more.

What is Place Training:

Place training is when you teach your dog to stay on an object- this could be their dog bed, raised bed or crate. For a period of time until you wish them to move.

Why should I teach my dog place training:

There are loads of benefits to place training.

  • Having a space for your dog to relax and have down time in- will help them feel secure and confident. If your dog finds it hard to settle while you are moving around the house and follows you they can quickly become tired and stressed/ a zombie like mode! Inserting place training will mean your dog will be on place and able to relax and snooze away while you are elsewhere in the house.
  • Secure space- Once you have successfully introduced place training into your dogs routine, you will notice your dog will become more relaxed. This is because having their own space and not having the responbilitly of following you around the house, or feeling like they need to be on guard. This will effectively be like taking a huge weight off their shoulders. So, if your dog easily becomes stressed place training could really help remove stress from your dog.
  • Door manners- If your dog jumps up and barks at the sound of the doorbell/door knocking. It can quickly become a race to grab the dog, hold the dog back ect. Introduce a place train and have a family member or friend knock on the door while you reinforce your place command and training. With plenty of practice and proofing (going over the routine multiple times adding in new scenarios to test your dog) you will be able to get your dog to stay on place when the doorbell goes.
  • Behavioural problems- this could be many different things one of the most common is barking at external noises. Some reasons for barking can be the need to guard the home, overexcitement, stress, lack of structure. Having a place train will help your dog relax and learn you are in charge. Reward quiet calm behaviour. Try and limit the triggers to the barking while you are training place command. If your dog barks at people walking past the window, try and keep the curtains/blinds shut while you are proofing your training. As your dog progresses keep testing the place command by having a friend/family test the trigger- bin noise, walking past window ect

How to start place training

  • Teach your puppy/dog place command this could be on their dog bed, crate or raised dog bed. Something you use normally for example ‘BED’ON YOUR BED’
  • Using a rope slip lead- cut the handle off so it doesn’t get caught on anything and secure the lead to your dog.
  • Guide your dog to the place using the lead and use the command you have chosen to have your dog go onto place. Once your dog is fully on place say YES treat reward and walk away
  • Your dog likely to follow you keep repeating until your dog stays on place. Try blocking their movement when they come off place command and guide back to place. Treat reward while on place to encourage your dog to go onto place when asked.
  • When you want your dog to come off place use the same word each time to help your dog learn- ‘OFF’ or ‘OK’ are some examples.
  • Build up the time your dog is on place from seconds to minutes keeping the slip lead on to guide your dog back if needed.

Place training can really help, it is going to be repetitive so be prepared that this is not a quick fix. Consistency is key!

Becky Hall

Hounds Gang Pet Care

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