Hounds Pet Care

Providing Home Boarding and Day Care in the Cotswolds.

Offering day care and home boarding in the Cotswolds.

Day Care

Half Day £17 (5hrs)
Full Day £22 (8hrs)

Providing you with the option of a half (5hrs) or full day. (8hrs) Your hound will join us on our pack walks exploring the Cotswold area, playing, practicing recall and loose lead walking.

Along with mental stimulation and focus and reward based training.

We pride ourselves on creating walks to help continue to grow and challenge your hound.

Back at Hounds HQ your hound will have time to unwind and have those all important morning and afternoon naps.

Along with some one-to-one time to create and continue our bond with your hound.

We pride ourselves on providing your hound with a home from home experience.

Our license for dog day care is through Cotswold District Council.

Home Boarding

Full day and night £26

Perfect for your short breaks, holidays and work trips.

Home boarding at Hounds is a home from home experience. We are happy to accommodate your hounds sleeping and eating routine as best we can. They are welcome to enjoy all areas of the house and garden.

For all new hounds coming to stay we will require 1-2 days of day care ‘get to know each other sessions’ before the first sleepover.

Your hound will join in on group walks and get to explore some new walking routes!

We are licensed for home boarding through Cotswold District Council.

And will discuss with you what you to bring and have in place ready for your hounds stay with us.

Opening Hours

Day Care operating hours:

Monday- Sunday 8am- 5:30pm

(Day Care can be arranged outside these hours subject to our availability)

Home Boarding:

Drop off and pick up times:

Monday-Sunday 8am-9:30pm (last pick up by 9:30pm)

We will arrange and agree a drop off and pick up time prior to your booking start date

‘The Houndmobile’

The VW Transporter provides your hound with a safe, secure and comfortable travel. From pick up and drops and to and from their walks.
The van has the following:
  • Top and bottom bespoke crates made from galvanised steel, all fitted with pressure locks for a higher safety locking system. Emergency access locks. Powder coated to protect from rust.
  • Vet bedding for your hounds comfort
  • Wipeable and easy clean surfaces
  • Non spill water bowls in each crate
  • Air vent and a sliding panel window to allow fresh air to be constantly moving through the van
  • Lighting in the crates
  • Dedicated first aid pack
  • Portable washing unit, ECO biodegradable towels, brushes and shampoo for a post walk clean down.

The van is deep cleaned weekly and all bedding and equipment is washed and clean thoroughly.

A fresh take on pet care

Not just any Home Boarding & Day Care. Hounds Pet Care is provides a fresh take on pet care. Working with your hound to provide enrichment, mental stimulation, training and games to help your hound grow and develop mentally and physically.

We are always expanding our knowledge through professional courses to continue providing a fresh and current pet care service.

We invest in our kit, our transport and our knowledge to ensure your hound is in safe hands.