Benefits of the slip lead


Benefits of the slip lead 

This is one of the most helpful tools for you and your dog. 

-An obvious benefit is the safety of having your dog on a lead. 

-A slip lead really helps communicate and teach loose lead walking to your dog. Remember to position high up on the neck just below the ears. This is much more comfortable for your dog. 

-Training out bad behaviours in the house 

By having the slip lead on your dog you can guide them away from the behaviour they are doing- chewing skirting boards, socks. To jumping up on furniture, to barking/being reactive to knocking on the door/doorbell ringing. 

My advice is to buy a cheap slip lead cut the handle off so they don’t get caught up in anything 

-Place training 

This really falls in with training out bad behaviours 

Place training has so many benefits for your dog and you it deserves its own blog post.

But having a slip lead on your dog while you are working on place training is going to be a huge help.

If you would like any 1-1 training help with loose lead training, door manners, in house behavioural issues.

You can get in touch with Bex here:

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