Find a stick………….??

brucie stick


This is a topic that regularly comes up. Just how unsafe are sticks for our hounds.

Most dogs love to carry, find or play with something on their walk. Maybe they like the texture, feel or smell.

As fun as finding and playing with a stick is for the dogs are the risks out weighing all the fun?

With sticks being a natural body and found outside they will harbour all sorts of germs, bacteria which can then transfer to your dog possibly causing them up pick up sickness bugs.

The chards and splinters coming off the stick can harm the inside of their mouth.

Much like us humans the inside of our mouths are very sensitive and easily harmed due to our soft tissue.  Our dogs are no different.

Wood chards can get lodged inside our dogs mouths and create discomfort and infections. This can cause problems with eating and drinking

Should any pieces of wood get swallowed this can may cause some digestive and possibly bleeding and obstruction.

It is worth taking not that some trees can be toxic to dogs, these trees are:

  • Black Walnut
  • Black Cherry
  • Yew/Red Maple


If you decide to leave to stick days behind for you hound be sure to be consistent with this so you can get your hound into a good routine.

There are loads of different outdoor toys to choose from. Always make sure you have a fetch toy to hand when out with your hound.

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