Terms & Conditions

We require our Terms & Conditions to be signed prior to any service starting.

Hounds Gang Pet Care Terms & Conditions

  1. I agree to provide or arrange and safe lockable space for keys to our home for Hounds Pet Care to access and carry out arranged pet services.
  2. I agree and authorise for Hounds Pet Care to seek emergency Vetinary care for our pet (s) should an emergency occur during their care with Hounds Pet Care. I understand Hounds Pet Care will try to contact me in this event but may need to carry out care without contacting or being able to contact me. I agree to pay for any emergency Vetinary care that may occur and understands and agree an alternative Vetinary [practice might be used if my registered Vetinary surgery is not available.
  3. I am responsible for any damages and medical expenses resulting in injury, medical expenses and damages by my dog to the walker, other animals or people involved. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hounds Pet Care in an event of a claim by any person or dog (s) injured by my dog (s)
  4. I agree to pay Hounds Pet Care in an agreed upon time frame
  5. Hounds Pet Care will notify me of any changes medically, physically or in behaviour with my dog (s)
  6. I agree and understand Hounds Pet Care holds to right to refuse services at any time for my dog (s)
  7. I agree Hounds Pet Care reserves the right to stop services should Hounds Pet Care feel uncomfortable to continue services.
  8. I agree to Hounds Pet Care using images of my dog (s) on their website and social media platforms and booking app. At no point will locations or statements of addresses or surnames be given.
  9. I understand that if my dog(s) receives the kennel cough vaccine at any time, Hounds Pet Care cannot provide services to my dog(s) for 2 weeks thereafter as it is a live vaccine. I agree to notify Hounds Pet Care if my dog(s) receives the kennel cough vaccine.
  10. I agree to inform Hounds Pet Care immediately should my dog (s) contract or show signs of having kennel cough.
  11. I agree on services being provided by Hounds Pet Care that my dog (s) will be kept up to date with routine vaccinations, flea and worming treatments. I agree to update this on the Hounds Pet Care app or via an agreed upon alternative method with Hounds Pet Care.
  12. I declare that my dog(s) is not on the banned breed list in accordance with UK law.
  13. I declare that my dog(s) is not under a Dog Control Order and that if this should change, I will inform Hounds Pet Care prior to my next arranged service.
  14. I understand Hounds Pet Care cannot provide walks, boarding or day care while my bitch is in season. Hounds Pet Care will try to provide house visits depending on availability.
  15. I declare my dog (s) are fully house trained, friendly around other dogs
  16. I agree any damages occurred to Hounds Pet Care kit, van or home by my dog will be billed directly to me.
  17. I declare my dog (s) are domesticated and do not destroy furniture, flooring, walls. They are not reactive or dominant around the house and other dogs or people. They do not excessively react to noises.
  18. I agree to provide medication if required, food and bedding for my dog (s) duration with Hounds Pet Care
  19. I agree to stick to the arranged and agreed upon drop off and pick up times and understand a late fee may occur is exceeded and termination of future bookings.
  20. I agree that Hounds Pet Care reserves the right to cancel bookings for walks if the weather is deemed unsafe to walk and travel in, including but not limited to excessive cold, wet and hot weather.
  21. I agree to give Hounds Pet Care 24hrs notice prior to cancelling any day care or walks and understand a late cancelation fee may be charged if under 24hrs.
  22. I agree to give Hounds Pet Care at least 48hrs notice for cancelling prior to boarding commencement dates
  23. I agree to read over an e-sign any boarding, walking, and training documents that Hounds Pet Care notify me of.
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