Hounds Pet Care is actively working towards sustainability. We are passionate about our planet and want to do what we can to help reduce our carbon foot print and make long lasting changes to how we operate and what we use.

Carbon Footprint

The Van. A big impact to our carbon footprint. We are constantly researching new technology with eco friendly van systems. And reviewing our operating methods. The goal is to move to a more fuel efficient, and environment friendly van that can still function to our needs.

We use an app to track and monitor our carbon footprint monthly and offset our carbon usage with planting trees!

Changes we have made so far

Swopping out fabric lead and retractable leads for Biothane leads that are wipeable, strong and durable. Eliminating the use of a washing machine for cleaning the leads.

And repurchasing of leads from wear and tear often seen with fabric and retractable leads.

Using compostable towels. For years we have been using standard towels for drying off the dogs. During the winter months and periods of heavy rainfall we constantly have the washing machine going, using the tumble dryer and heating systems to wash and dry the towels- DAILY!

NO MORE!! This is an excessive use of energy sources. By swopping to compostable towels we are cutting out our energy use of household appliances completely.

Our compostable towels go into our garden composter and will be fully composted in 100 days or less. AMAZING!!!

Replacing all our plastic bottles for water storage to ECO friendly BPA free bottles. We carry water to refresh water bowls for the hounds and for our portable dog washing unit

As a standard we only use biodegradable, environmentally friendly dog waste bags.

We have a list of other areas we are currently working on in continuing to be more sustainable.

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