Here you will find some frequently asked questions about our services. If your question has no been answered feel free to get in touch in with Hounds Pet Care.

Are you licensed, insured and DBS checked?

Yes, yes and yes! We are licensed for day care and boarding through Cotswold District Council- license number: C/20/00697/

We have specialist insurance to cover all areas of our pet care services. We are DBS checked .

Do you accept intact males & unspayed females?

We do not accept intact males. To continue to provide a safe and happy environment for all dogs in our care we have decided to no longer accept intact males- we feel this is the best option when having a pack of dogs for walking, day care and boarding.

For females we are happy to accept unspayed females up to 1 years old, after that we will require females to be spayed. Please note in no circumstances are we able to provide walks, day care or boarding for females coming into and in season.

Do you walk dogs off lead?

Our aim is to have all dogs off the lead for their walks. During our initial meeting with you we can discuss your dogs recall and current walking routine. Our standard practice is to keep your dog on a lead and move to a long line lead while we establish a good recall and ensure your dog is happy in the pack and familiar with our walking routes before we move to off lead walks.

What happens with our details and keys. Do you have security measures in place?

We have key holder insurance as part of our pet care insurance and are covered or lost or stolen keys. If we don’t hold a key will advise a key box as the next best solution.

All keys are kept in in a safe lockable key safe when not in use. We do not label key fobs with your address. We ensure all doors are locked when leaving your property.

All personal data on our booking and invoicing systems follows the data protection guidance and is password protected. All paperwork is kept in a lockable filling cabinet.

How do I pay Hounds Pet Care?

We accept bank transfer and cash. We can provide our Business Account details for this. All services will be provided with an invoice and emailed directly to you.

Do you work weekends and bank holidays?

We work the majority of bank holidays, unless we have taken time off.

We provide day care and boarding over the weekend.

Do you walk females when in season?

No we do not provide walks or care during this time. We can provide a drop in service and play in the garden.

Do you accept all breeds and sizes of dogs?

We happily accept all dogs, apart from dogs that are part of the banned breeds list. All dogs in our care must be happy, friendly and sociable around other dogs. We can discuss any concerns you may have at our initial meeting.

What does a typical day care day look like at Hounds Pet Care?

We collect your hound at the agreed time and head off for a walk exploring our local countryside. Your hound will then head back to Hounds HQ where they will have time to nap, relax and play with the other hounds and enjoy 1-to-1 human companionship. Before heading out for one last walk before home time!

What is the set up for home boarding with Hounds Pet Care?

We provide a home from home environment for your hounds stay. Your hound will be able to relax in our home with us. We do not crate dogs staying Hounds unless hey are crate trained at home. We do not provide our own food for your hound. We have plenty of space to store your hounds food from kibble to fridge or freezer foods we have a dedicated fridge and freezer for this.

Does my dog need to have the kennel cough vaccination for day care and boarding?

It is not required but advised. As your dog will be mixing with dogs from different households, travelling in the van and out exploring the countryside.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Ideally we ask for 24hrs notice when cancelling day care. And 2 weeks prior to any boarding start date- for boarding of 1 week or more.

For short term boarding bookings we ask for 48hrs notice prior to the start date.

*We do however appreciate it is not always possible to know if you need to cancel especially during COVID restrictions and dog illness. We work with those changes as best we can.*

How do you transport the dogs?

We are very proud of our VW Transporter van. Fitted out with bespoke top and bottom crates, made from galvanised steel and powder coated to protect from rust.

The doors are all fitted with pressure locks to provide high levels of strength. Each crate is fitted with clean wipeable surfaces and non spill water bowls.

Vet bedding is in each crate to give your hound complete comfort when travelling.

Our van has been fitted with an air vent to air flow fresh in the van.

Along with a fixed panel window and a sliding panel window on either side of the van. So the hounds can enjoy some breezes and views during their travels. This also helps keep fresh air moving through the van.

The van has a dedicated first pack that stays in the van encase of emergencies.

ECO friendly and biodegradable towels, portable dog washing unit and drying coats are always carried in the van. The van has a deep clean every week to keep our kit fresh and clean for the hounds.

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