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Hounds has established a community of liked minded animal care professionals.

Covering Canine Training, Animal Behaviour, Canine Nutrition, Myotherapy and Grooming.


With Caroline Tunbridge. Please see below for a brief explanation of Myotherapy. F0r the full interview with Caroline explaining about Myotherapy and the benefits click here.

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Simply put ‘Myo’ – means – muscles/relating to muscles and ‘therapy’ – means treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. Myotherapy is a treatment for both humans and animals suffering with muscle and soft tissue damage and disorders.

Contact details:

Email enquires@pawsitive-results.co.uk


Telephone: 07538 818685


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Hydrotherapy utilises water properties to create a safe and proprioceptively enriched environment to aid your dogs rehabilitation, return to function, and overall fitness.  Zoe Maycroft from Cotswold Dog Spa explains all about Hydrotherapy and the benefits in the full interview here.

Contact Details:

Email: info@cotswolddogspa.co.uk


Telephone: 01452 702177



Canicross is the exciting and fast growing sport of off-road running with your dog. Offering a fun, social and highly effective way for you both to get fit. It is also the safest way to enjoy running with your dog – specially designed equipment allows you to run hands free and for you both to run comfortably and efficiently.

Hounds talks with Bridget from Paws and Play who teaches Canicross.  For the full interview about Canicross click here.

Contact details:

Email: camps@pawsandplay.org.uk

Telephone: 07809423157

Canine Training:

Sue Rapp- Doggie Speak.

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If you would like to develop a better understanding with your best friend, talk to Sue at Doggie Speak and join a small local group meeting weekly. Learn some basics in the first three week block, practise with your dog for a few minutes every day, then see the magic that takes place when you and your dog are having fun whilst learning the skills to be great companions. Just like Becky at Hounds, only positive kind methods of handling the dogs are used. Contact details are on Sue’s website www.doggiespeak.co.uk