From sun screen providing high protection to weather proof handcreams and care for you face.

Have you heard of Heliocare?……I have been using Heliocare for years after being recommended it by my beatiiucan.

It provides sun protection up factor 50 and come sin a gel or cream. Suitable for all the family. We all think of sunscreen as one of our go to summer essentials, but if you are outdoors for large parts of the day throughout the year, please make sure you are taking into account the winter sun and the effects it cab still have on our skin.

Heliocare is now part of my everyday skincare routine. Link to the website here.

Hands & Lips

Lano is 100% natural & animal cruelty free. It’s found on the wool of sheep that helps keep their coats protected and dry throughout the year. I have been using the products for three years now and found the hand cream a MUST through the winter months, along with their lip balm. I would highly recommend their products. My go to products are:

The original 101 ointment. This multi purpose balm is great for moisturiser on the lips, face hands and extreme dry patches. I mostly use this as a lip balm and in the winter months areas on my face that become dry from the outdoors.

Rose Hand Cream Intense. My hand get really dry easily so I need a good hand cream that is going to protect and get some much needed moisture back into the skin. This hand cream does the trick.

I came across MOA The Green Balm at Meggie’s lovely little shop in Stow-on the- Wold.

It is a perfect part of my outdoor skincare kit. This balm is great for insect bites, lip balm, moisturizer around my eyes.