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We offer a range of walks at 1 hour and half hour sessions.

All new dogs joining Hounds will have their first walks as a 1-to-1 get to know each other session. 

We can then assess which walk option will best suit your hound. 

cooperOur walks take place in a rural setting where your hound can explore acres of the countryside with plenty of different dog friendly locations to choose from, keeping walks interesting with plenty of areas to explore and sniff!


Group Walks 

 This walk is suited for hounds that have good recall and are sociable and friendly around other dogs. 

1 hour group walk priced at £12 per hound

Additional £5 for hounds from the same household

Half hour group walks priced at £8 per hound

Additional £4 for hounds from the same household. 



Hounds will collect your dog from your home, where they will be safely transported to their walk.  All of the dogs are provided with a dog tag with Hounds contact name and number on. 

We provide our own leads for the walks, this to limit shared contact items in accordance with COVID guidance. 

Leucillin spray is used post walk on your hound especially on collar clasps and harness that are a shared surface contact area. This is a recommended pet friendly spray to help reduce the COVID transfer risk.


All hounds team members are First Aid & Canine CPR Level 2 trained should the unlikely situation your dog requires care, we are fully trained to treat any injury that may occur.

Please see the link here for what we have in place to ensure your hound is safe in our care.

boxerWe are happy to accommodate you and your hounds needs. To get in touch with Hounds please click here.


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