Community and Charities

Along with providing our pet care services, we also like to give back to communities and charities.

We are proud to donate and work with our chosen communities and charities and are always happy to discuss working with new organisations.

We are proud to be part of the BRNGB in providing foster homes to Basset Hounds in need. Such a brilliant organisation. Donations for operations, amazon wish lists for items needed, to purchasing raffle tickets, coffee mornings, fun runs the list goes on of what events they run to help raise money for the charity. We are honoured to help with donations throughout the year.

As a registered charity, the PTFA exist to fundraise to support the school in paying for peripherals. And encourage a support between the school and the community.

Hounds Pet Care recently donated towards the the PTFA in 2021 for new playing field equipment on the schools field.

Hounds Pet Care enjoys being a friend of the forest and enjoying these truly beautiful walks on our doorstep. The hounds love exploring the never ending walking routes at the many locations of the woods. Such a huge amount of hard work goes into keeping these woods going and at Hounds Pet Care we fully support The Heart of England Forest. The tree dedication program is such a great gift to give and receive. We have donated two trees so far.

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