About Hydrotherapy…………    When was the Cotswold Dog Spa Established? Cotswold Dog Spa has been established as a hydrotherapy centre for 10 years, opening in 2008 by Tessa Lewis. Over the last 4 years Tessa has expanded the business from just hydrotherapy, to include physiotherapy and cater towards outpatient rehabilitation. We now have a teamContinue reading

Love running?! This is a great way to run with your hound!!!

What is Canicross? Canicross is the exciting and fast growing sport of off-road running with your dog. Offering a fun, social and highly effective way for you both to get fit. It is also the safest way to enjoy running with your dog – specially designed equipment allows you to run hands free and forContinue reading “Love running?! This is a great way to run with your hound!!!”

Contiuing Professional Development (CPD)

  At Hounds we truly love what we do. Developing new skills, gaining knowledge and growing in our role is something we dedicate time to achieve every year. At Hounds we don’t profess to know everything in the canine world! What we do have is a directory if you like, of professionals working in differentContinue reading “Contiuing Professional Development (CPD)”

Vegetable Matters Farm Shop & Café Review

On a rainy Saturday morning we decided to head up the hill to Ebrington and start the day with a cooked breakfast! Vegetable Matters is one of my favourite spots to stop and grab a morning coffee and pastry. They make a great vanilla almond milk latte. One of my favourite little treats is theirContinue reading “Vegetable Matters Farm Shop & Café Review”

Creating a safe walk for your hounds

    In these posts I want to explain more about what we do and have in place to provide a safe, caring bespoke service. We want your hound to enjoy their walks with us, that is why we only walk your hounds in dog friendly areas. Where they can enjoy running around, sniffing andContinue reading “Creating a safe walk for your hounds”