Dog Training with Sue Rapp from Doggie Speak…….

  Sue Rapp chats with Hounds about all things Doggie Speak……. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Doggie Speak please can you explain a bit about yourself and what you offer? As you know, I’m never happier than when I’m talking about dogs and the fun of helping them learn things… And where did youContinue reading “Dog Training with Sue Rapp from Doggie Speak…….”

Favourite walks to explore with your hound!

  Heart of England Forest: One of my favourite places to visit and spend time at is Giddings Wood which is part of the Heart of England Forest. Located just outside of Long Marston you will find miles of woodland walks and often feel you have the entire place to yourself! Giddings Wood is partContinue reading “Favourite walks to explore with your hound!”

Christmas gift ideas from not on the high

The Christmas season is well and truly in full swing. So I thought I would share some gift ideas from Not On The High They always have brilliant gift ideas for pets. Gifts for dog lovers: Add a touch of dog prints to your home interiors with these two dog print lamp designs. TheContinue reading “Christmas gift ideas from not on the high”

Myotherapy and how it benifits our dogs

Caroline Tunbridge, co-founder of Pawsitive Results talks to Hounds about Myotherapy…….  For anyone who hasn’t heard of Myotherapy, please can you explain what it means? Simply put ‘Myo’ – means – muscles/relating to muscles and ‘therapy’ – means treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. Myotherapy is a treatment for both humans and animalsContinue reading “Myotherapy and how it benifits our dogs”

Esspresso Station, The Barn, Long Marston

On a lovely sunny Saturday last weekend Jessy and me decided to go for coffee and breakfast at the newly opened Espresso Station at The Barn Antiques Centre. Located along Station Road, Long Marston, CV37 8RP. A beautifully designed building with an outdoor seating area which is still having some work done to create aContinue reading “Esspresso Station, The Barn, Long Marston”