Have you thought about Place Training?

Place training can help tackle unwanted behaviours, anxiety, stress, separation anxiety. And so much more. What is Place Training: Place training is when you teach your dog to stay on an object- this could be their dog bed, raised bed or crate. For a period of time until you wish them to move. Why shouldContinue reading “Have you thought about Place Training?”

Halloween Advice for your dog

Happy Hallows Eve! It’s that time of year where Halloween festivities have begun, I love Halloween, but it is vastly different to your normal daily routine from a dog’s point of view…… Having people come to our door multiple times during the night, dressed in strange outfits. Here is some advice to help keep yourContinue reading “Halloween Advice for your dog”

Advocating for my pack

What do I mean by this……. Here at Hounds Gang we are all about building relationships with the dogs, helping them grow in confidence, building trust and giving them the opportunity to succeed. It is something we are always putting the work into and get better and better at as a pack. Providing pack walksContinue reading “Advocating for my pack”