Fire works and your dog

It’s that time of year when fireworks start. Not great for us pet owners and our dogs.

I wanted to share some advice and tips of things that might help make this firework season easier.

  1. Start playing some desensitizing firework music for your dog- if you search on YouTube Firework music for dogs there a few to pick from. My advice would be to start doing this now and through into bonfire night and while fireworks continue in your area.
  2. This is an obvious one, but try not to let your dog out in the garden or for walks during the evening when fireworks are likely to go off. Instead do some home enrichment games like training drills, snuffle mats ect.
  3. Create a safe place for your dog to go to in the house. This could be a crate if your dog is crate trained- DO NOT lock the crate as this will cause more stress for your dog. Cover the crate with a blanket and have plenty of soft bedding inside. Covering a dining table or side table with a blanket with bedding underneath can also have the same effect.
  4. It seems each year the bangs are getting bigger and louder! Have your desensitizing music playing, calming music or the TV on to reduce the impact of the noise.
  5. Along with the loud bangs are the flashing lights which can be at a fast pace for dogs- so be sure to keep curtains and blinds shut to reduce the impact.
  6. It might seem like a good idea to keep your dog confined to one room, but if they get stressed with the fireworks and want to move around to find their own safe place and help reduce their anxiety, they will need to be able to do so freely- so keep access to the other rooms of the house open.
  7. I know this is easier said than done, because we worry about our pets. But try and be calm and relaxed it will help your dog feel safer and more relaxed too.
  8. Ensure your dog is wearing their ID tags and it is all up to date along with their microchip.
  9. Make sure your home and garden is escape proof- when dogs get stressed, they can look to escape- so ensure garden gates are securely shut- especially if its windy. Make sure windows are shut.
  10. A good old-fashioned long-lasting chew can help reduce anxiety. Kongs and Licky mats filled with your dog’s favourite treats always go down well.
  11. Something new I am trying this year and to help my dog settle are calming wax melts. I have found these on the Fetch Club shop
  12. If you find your dog is just not coping well year after year or this is something new you have found your dog is struggling with. My advice would be to contact your vet to look into medications to help reduce stress.

We hope you have found this helpful, please let me know if you try any of these.

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