Halloween Advice for your dog

Happy Hallows Eve!

It’s that time of year where Halloween festivities have begun, I love Halloween, but it is vastly different to your normal daily routine from a dog’s point of view……

Having people come to our door multiple times during the night, dressed in strange outfits.

Here is some advice to help keep your hound safe during Halloween.

  • Walk your dog in daylight hours. If you get home when its darker, instead of walking your dog try some at home enrichment games with your dog….Snuffle mats, training-sit & stay-leavefind ect. Games with their favourite toys.
  • You will most likely have multiple door knocking. If your dog is reactive and gets up when the door goes. You might want to consider settling them in a different part of the house with a long-lasting treat- like a kong, licky mats filled with their favouirte treats- try freezing them to make them last even longer.
  • Have some calming music playing to help your dog settle. My personal favourite that helps my dogs and dogs that come to us for boarding and day care is on YouTube- Hogwarts Rainy Nights.
  • Create a safe place/den for your dog- if your dog goes in a crate normally- pop a thin sheet over the crate to create a den.
  • Try leaving Halloween treats in your porch for kids to take without the disturbance of knocking. If you have a motion detector doorbell (Ring ect) ensure to enable mute on the noise of the bell as to not disturb your dog.
  • If your dog normally greets at the door- keep in mind there might be children coming to the door your dog does not know- dressed up in ghostly outfits which may spook your dog. My advice would be not to let your dog greet at the door during Halloween.
  • Sweets and chocolates are toxic to dogs so be very careful when out walking for any dropped on the pavement. And around the house. Especially if your dog is prone to jumping up on the side!
  • If your dog is easily upset and dsitressed by people knocking the door. You can always make a sign to ask for them not to knock the door as you have a nervous dog.
  • And lastly reward for good behaviour, calm behaviour and responding to cues and commands.

I hope this advice has been helpful.


Hounds Gang Pet Care

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