Support for Ukraine

How do you even process what is going on with Ukraine.
Watching the news and seeing the attacks on Ukraine and watching innocent lives being destroyed leaves you feeling incredibly helpless.
I wanted to write this blog post to share some organisations to donate to if you are able to.
I also wanted to say that Hounds Pet Care will be donating 20% of our takings this week to various charities and organisations helping Ukraine refugees and their pets.
My heart is very heavy with what Ukraine is going through.
I can not begin to imagine leaving your home, loved ones and the life you have created, and not know if you will ever be coming back or what you will be coming back to.
It is heart breaking.
We stand with Ukraine and send continued support, love and hope. Always.

Ways to support:

Pet Necessities are taking in donations for pets such as food, puppy pads ect. If you do not have items to donate you can also make a payment to the store and they will buy in goods that are needed. – This is what I did.

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