New Service…..Training!

Hounds Gang is very excited to add training to our service options.

Having done pack walks and pet care for nearly 8 years now and watching dog behaviour from group environments to solo reactive dog walks has increased my knowledge.

Investing in courses and continued professional development it has been very rewarding to see progress being made with my training clients.

I can help with giving you to tools to work with and train your dog for better behaviours.

Areas I cover:

  • Loose Lead Walking- this is a common issue for most dogs owners.
  • Door manners- barking and jumping up when the doorbell goes, having your guests jumped on by your over excited dog
  • Impulse control- this presents itself in many different forms from chewing, barking for attention, reacting to dogs or people from the window or when out walking

I know and understand the frustration and how upsetting it can be when your dog has behaviour issues.

If you feel I can help you I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to ready my blog post.

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