Dog Grooming from Amy at Hair Off The Dog!……

Having known Amy and her brilliant grooming skills  for many years, Hounds is extremely happy to introduce to Hair Off The Dog- grooming salon by Amy.

Located at  Alderminster Catery and Kennels.

Amy offers a professional, caring grooming service with natural products.

Hounds met up with Amy for a good old catch up and to chat all things Hair Off The Dog….

How long have you been a groomer and what qualifications do you have?

I’ve been a groomer for 5 years, and hold the Level 3 Introductory In Dog Grooming.  Currently, I am working towards the rest of the Level 3 Diploma.

Can you tell us about the products you use?products

I use  natural products by Earthbath shampoos – hypoallergenic so no reactions, deep cleaning and animal cruelty free.



How often would you recommend for dogs to be groomed?

Completely depends upon the dog. A usual grooming schedule for a long coated dog would be between 6-10 weeks for good routine and maintenance. Also the more frequently the grooms the less stressful for the dog as they become used to the process.

groom pic 2

Can short hair dogs benefit from being groomed?bath

Absolutely.  Bathing and brushing helps to remove the dead coat as well as unblocking pores and encouraging the release and production of natural oils leaving a healthy, glossy coat.

Any products you can recommend for sensitive or dry skin?

For sensitive skin use a fragrance free shampoo. Earthbath fragrance free is a great one. And for dry skin an Aloe Vera and tea tree shampoo. Such as Earthbath hot spot relief.

salon pic

Contact Details:

Hair Off The Dog by Amy.

Alderminster Kennels & Cattery, Shipston Rd, Alderminster.


Telephone: 07541665387

Facebook page



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