Favourite walks to explore with your hound!

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Heart of England Forest:

One of my favourite places to visit and spend time at is Giddings Wood which is part of the Heart of England Forest.

Located just outside of Long Marston you will find miles of woodland walks and often feel you have the entire place to yourself!

gidd run

Giddings Wood is part of The Heart of England Forest which has many forests to explore. The dogs absolutely love their walks here, there is so much to explore.

There is plenty of car parking ( £1 all day) members can park for free. I strongly advise becoming a member your hound will absolutely love a weekend walk at Giddings or one of the many woods and walk routes to explore with The Heart of England Forest.


gid sniff



Having grown up in Mickleton, I have always enjoyed the walks on the doorstep!
There is parking near the church.

From here you can start your walk in the field directly behind the church walking up the drive past the graveyard.

meon hill
This field might be enough for any older hounds or young pups enjoying their first walks. Or hounds on limited walks.

If you continue in the direction of Kifsgate Hill you will walk through a crop field with a bluebell wood for your hound to enjoy. Continue up the hill through the rape fields. Once you have reached the top you can either continue or loop back down the hill. The views are beautiful up on the hill!

If you decide to continue you walk right up to Kiftsgate Hill with the neighbouring Kiftsgate Gardens and Hidcote Gardens just over the road.

mickleton rape
This is a perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink or a bite to eat if you have packed anything. And of course a treat for your hound!
During certain times of the year sheep will be in the fields.






Wimpstone Such a great little find and also perfect if you know or are a fishing fan.
The river running through and views of Preston-On-Stour is the perfect countryside setting. Me and the hounds love this spot all year round but it is at its most idyllic during the spring/summer and on a clear sunny winter day!


Dover’s Hill:



You may have heard of Dover’s Hill, it part of the National Trust.

And the Dover’s Hill games are ran here yearly.
The dogs love it up here. My favourite time to go is for an early morning walk. It is so quiet and peaceful and the view is breath-taking. I would recommend taking a pack lunch there is plenty of seating and enjoying a chilled morning with your hound up on the hill.



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