About Hydrotherapy…………


 When was the Cotswold Dog Spa Established?
Cotswold Dog Spa has been established as a hydrotherapy centre for 10 years, opening in 2008 by Tessa Lewis. Over the last 4 years Tessa has expanded the business from just hydrotherapy, to include physiotherapy and cater towards outpatient rehabilitation. We now have a team of veterinary physiotherapists and hydrotherapists, that have a great passion for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and helping dogs, and their owners throughout the rehabilitation process.

 How long have you been practising and where did you train?
We have all trained at different centres and slightly differently, but to become a hydrotherapist you are required to hold a Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy. Following on from this, our physios have completed post graduate degrees in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Do you need a vets ref?
Under the Veterinary Surgeons Exemptions Order (2015) we are legally required to have a veterinary referral prior to any treatment.

Can you explain a little about Hydrotherapy and what it means?
Hydrotherapy utilises water properties to create a safe and proprioceptively enriched environment to aid your dogs rehabilitation, return to function, and overall fitness. One such water property is buoyancy, which reduces weight bearing forces exerted on painful or weak joints, additionally aiding movement of weak limbs which may be too difficult or painful when on land. During their rehabilitation sessions in the pool or underwater treadmill, our team will utilises a variety of physiotherapy techniques to further assist your dogs movement and help promote a return to function.

 It can be help for post operative care, is there other areas/circumstances it can help with?
Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy can be used to assist in the treatment of multiple conditions, both post-operative, and conservative. For example:
Cruciate Ligament Disease/Surgery
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Interverterbral Disc Disease

However, it can also be used to help enhance the performance of fitness dogs, for example those that compete in agility, flyball or canicross.

Additional benefits of hydrotherapy:
Reduced pain perception
Reduced swelling and stiffness
Muscular relaxation
Increased muscle strength and mass
Increased range of motion and joint mobilisation
Increased mental stimulation
Improved quality of life
Improved circulation
Improved cardiovascular fitness

 Is it something pet parents can get involved in?
We ask that all of our dogs owners are present during the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions, it allows the dogs to feel more relaxed during the initial introduction to the treatment, whilst also allowing the owners to be a part of the rehabilitation process.

Cotswold Dog Spa is open 8am – 8pm Monday through to Thursday, and 8am – 5pm Friday and Saturday.

Cotswold Dog Spa, Therapy Centre, Hartpury College, Glos GL19 3BE

01452 702177


Offering a combined treatment package of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy (as we feel we see greatly improved results using a combined approach for rehabilitation)

All initial appointments are a land based physiotherapy assessment and treatment (£55). A bespoke rehabilitation plan will be discussed to include hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as required for the patient.’

Continued sessions are either land or hydrotherapy based (we have both a hydrotherapy pool and treadmill), as suited to the individual dogs needs (£45).

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