Contiuing Professional Development (CPD)



At Hounds we truly love what we do. Developing new skills, gaining knowledge and growing in our role is something we dedicate time to achieve every year.
At Hounds we don’t profess to know everything in the canine world!
What we do have is a directory if you like, of professionals working in different canine areas.
This covers areas such as Dog Training, Holistic Care, Animal Behaviourist, Hydrotherapy, Canine Nutrition, Canine Myotherapy and Grooming.
Some of these specialties will require a Veterinary referral.
So what is Continued Professional Development?!
Otherwise known as CPD is a commitment towards enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout professional careers.
Becky is currently studying a Diploma in Canine Holistic Care.
This is done through Canine Principles, a distance learning method.
Below is a little information about the Diploma:

Thanks to modern science, we are finding out just how individual each dog is, we are learning that canine behaviour has many facets and this course explores them in detail.

holistic care

This course will be ongoing over the next 12 months.

Here is the link to the Canine Principles
Hounds will keep you up to date with what we gain from courses and future courses we attend.

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