Vegetable Matters Farm Shop & Café Review

2018-10-03 08.41.00
On a rainy Saturday morning we decided to head up the hill to Ebrington and start the day with a cooked breakfast!
Vegetable Matters is one of my favourite spots to stop and grab a morning coffee and pastry. They make a great vanilla almond milk latte. One of my favourite little treats is their very popular apricot and courgette cake.

2018-10-03 09.12.16

I went for my normal veggie full English which was huge!! The halloumi was a really good addition to it- very tasty.
2018-10-03 08.58.38


The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed you could easily waste away a morning taking in the beautiful views from the shop and café.



I don’t know about you but I love all the colours of the different veg laid out in farm shops and this time of year there are such lovely deep colours on show!

2018-10-03 08.41.20


2018-10-03 08.42.38

2018-10-03 08.42.52

One of my favourite products to buy is the Preston-on-Stour honey it tastes amazing and is made at local bee farm, highly recommend for any honey lovers out there!

2018-10-03 08.41.47
During the summer months Peter & Amanda had such gorgeous sunflowers growing along the entrance of the carpark, where you could pick your own bunch. Currently the entrance into the shop is full of veg and coming soon pumpkins for the end of the month celebrations!

2018-10-03 08.42.32


I couldn’t resist picking up these decorative pumpkins for our home!

2018-10-03 09.18.17

Badger the dog came with us today but was camera shy and I couldn’t get a picture without is be out of focus, but the farm shop and café is very dog friendly, and if you are bringing little ones there is plenty of toys for them choose from.

2018-10-03 09.11.03

Highly recommend the café for a spot to eat or a takeaway coffee and treat. The lunch menu is very varied with lots of options to choose from.

2018-10-03 09.12.26


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