Creating a safe walk for your hounds




In these posts I want to explain more about what we do and have in place to provide a safe, caring bespoke service.
We want your hound to enjoy their walks with us, that is why we only walk your hounds in dog friendly areas.
Where they can enjoy running around, sniffing and exploring with their buds!
Hounds provides dog tags for all hounds walking with us.
Each dog tag has our name-Hounds on, and our contact number should they stray off route!

If you feel your hound should remain on their lead during their walk that is no problem at all.
If you prefer for your hound to be on a solo walk that is also completely fine. We are happy to work with your hounds needs.
We also provide extra collars and leads so if you can’t find your hounds lead or collar don’t worry, we always have spare ones!
Hounds is fully insured and Canine CPR & First Aid Level 2 qualified. First Aid packs are always carried with us.
Please see our post about Insurance and First Aid for more info on this.

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