Insurance, First Aid & CPR


In these posts I want to explain more about what we do and have in place to provide a safe, caring bespoke service.
Part of creating safe and fun walks is by ensuring we as Hounds have all bases covered.
Hounds is fully insured including Public Liability. Our insurance covers the following areas:
Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, Key Holder, Pet Sitting, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Care and Control of Animals

First Aid and CPR:

Hounds is qualified in Canine First Aid and CPR Level 2.
We gained our qualification through Caroline Tunbridge and Catherine White at Pawsitive Results.
With Pawsitive Results the class sizes are small which provided more one on one time to learn and ask questions. And we didn’t feel rushed in any of the topics. The class was friendly and fun. We would highly recommend them!

Link to Pawsitive Results website here.

It is so important to have this qualification if you are providing a service for canine care. We carry our first aid pack around with us on all walks.
Unlike human first aid courses the recommended time between refresher courses is 3 years, which means Hounds is due for a refresher course with Pawsitive Results in April 2020!
Below is a picture of our First Aid kit:

First Aid contents .jpg

We always have extra stock of bandages, tick removers and face masks, and our first aid bag is replenished if/when used.
Along with weekly checks of the first aid bags to ensure no items have gone missing.

Copies of the CPR procedure are carried with us at all times.

Hounds is registered with Avonvale Vets at the Rosebird Centre should we ever need veterinary assistance.

Please find below copies of our certificates:


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