Liza’s Story


Eliza is our fourth German Shepherd. Hannah, our third, was put to sleep after three years on steroids for extreme itchiness. As we had been warned, the steroids stopped working after two years. The itchiness became so bad that one night she chewed all the fur off of her tail. I’d never heard a dog cry as she did. She went on to develop epilepsy and the seizures were so frequent the vet advised that she be put to sleep. This was our experience of steroids – a temporary solution but a long-term killer.

Eliza at 8yrs developed a scabby nose and ears which were also very itchy. The vet I took her to diagnosed pemphigus, asked if we have pet insurance (we do) and recommended a £400 diagnostic exam under general anaesthetic. I refused because it was clear what she had and I didn’t want her to suffer the risks of the aesthetic, including its toxicity. I went back to our old vets, he confirmed pemphigus and in the face of my anxiety about steroids prescribed a different immune suppressant, acknowledging that her resistance to disease would be compromised but that she would be ‘more comfortable.’
Eliza has been taking two or three sulphur tablets every day for four months. Her ears no longer itch, her scabby red nose is mostly healed, her coat gleams again and her zest is back. All thanks to Mr. Day and his skill with diet and homeopathy. In holistic practice Eliza has found a cure to a what is viewed by conventional veterinary medicine as an incurable illness without a known cause. This cure is slow, sure and safe. I am so happy to have my lovely dog safe and well again.


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